About Me

Hello, my name is Priya. I am a 23 years old girl from New Delhi, India. I am a commerce graduate by degree and a Digital Marketer by passion. 

Like many other Digital Marketers, I also become a digital marketer accidentally.

Let me tell you my story.

In school and college, I was an average student. Like many other parents in India, my parents also want me to work in the public sector. and the reason for this is as same as your parent’s “security of future.”

In their mind, they have this thing that having a government job is equal to have a safe and secure future. I don’t deny the fact that since childhood, I have grown to this, though, too.

After completing my final year of graduation examination. My parent has immediately started my coaching for SSC and banking examination so that I can crack these exams and able to get a government job. 

After preparing for one and a half years and also giving 7 to 8 exams for a different post and vacancies. I got heartbroken because even preparing for so hard, I am not able to crack. Even the first tier of these exams.

I start losing my confidence in clearing the examination. My parents notice this, and I told them that have a government job is just not a single option for a career available for me.

And they listen to me agreed with me and also give me some time to think about what I want to do in my life. That time my younger sister also searching for some institute to learn something. My dad asked me to help her in finalizing the list of the institute. In this search, I found one course the one instituted is offering called Digital Marketing. 

When I go through the curriculum, of course, digital marketing is exactly like traditional marketing but on an online platform. Having a commerce background in studies made me more curious to know about how it works.

After getting familiar with term digital marketing. I have spent the next two days researching this online.

After spending enough time on researching about digital marketing. I told my dad that I have found a career alternative to government job for me. For next to two hours, I was explaining to him about digital marketing. What are the scope and opportunities the online sector has? 

It took some time, but i have succeeded in convincing them about my career change. But my dad puts and condition on me. That I should not waste more time and enrolled me same instituted where my sister is doing her courses. 

I have completed my six-month training in digital marketing for IWP Institute, Janakpuri, Delhi. And a three months remote internship with digital Deepak. Now for six months, I am working as a freelancer in Delhi.

My core interest in digital marketing is SEO. I also help my influencer to promote their work on Youtube and Facebook and Instagram Using Google and Facebook ads. 

I like to call my self a digital marketing enthusiast more than a digital marketer. Because I believe that learning is an ongoing process, and you should always wake up to learn something new. So rather than being an expert, I would love to be an enthusiast.

I am putting all my knowledge, which I have gained till now in this blog.

So that anyone who his/ her putting time in reading this blog gets benefited with knowledge.

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