7 types of Blogging Topics to Write About

Starting a blog is a very easy task nowadays. Anybody can start a blog within 5 minutes. Thousands of blogs are being created daily. But one more fact is that not all the blogs do well and grow at a constant pace. There can be many reasons for that, but one most common reason that I observed is the lack of content ideas and execution.

As a newbie, you are also wondering about what is next blogging topics you should write about.

Being a new blogger, we always are in search of unique blog ideas on which we can write. When I was new, I was always trying to find trending topics for blog content ideas. I thought if I write about something which is trending so my blog should start growing. These types of blog topics work only for a short period but didn’t give you a constant pace of growth. When the trend for the subject stops, searches of these types of topics are also gone.

The right way to grow any blog is by solving the problems of people with your content.  When you start doing this, you will start seeing the results. This is the most important thing that you can do. Also,  there are some evergreen high demand blog topics that can always work.

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Here is the list of best topics for blog 

1.How to do Blog and Guide

How to do Blogs and Guide are always stays in demand. Wikihow is the most prominent example of this. This blog is insanely popular. The main reason for the success of the blog is that people hate reading user manuals. They find them boring and time-consuming when someone gives instructions that are easy to understand and follow they will love it.

One thing you should always consider while writing a how-to guide and post is that it will always be in-depth on the topic. You should make sure that you prospective customer while reading your blog achieve something that they are looking for. The best way to do this is by going deep into the topic and going as wide as possible. Then connect all of these dots for your users. It is an extremely top of the funnel content in which you are talking about the problem and its prospective solution.


How to blogs and guide

2.Listicles or list Blog

Listicle and List blog is a compelling content piece that you can create. Buzzfeed’s and ScoopWhoop are great examples of them. They are really very effective on their users. The primary reason for the success of these types of blogs is to mention in the title that N numbers of things you can take away from this article. When we give no. of takeaways, it becomes very tentative for the user.

One thing you should be considered while creating this type of content is that you need to set the expectation right if you are saying X no of ways to do XYZ thing then you have to give solid point to prove that e.g., if you are saying you can do this in 10 ways, but you only have nine and halfways just don’t do that make it nine ways only. If you still go with the first option, then it will come in the click bate category, and your audience will start losing interest and trust in your content, and I am sure no one will want this for their blog.


blogging topics


3.Resources Page and Resources Blog

People love the resource library. They like it when someone but all the resources they need in one roof. You can also create content about all the resources required in your filled and give links to access them. Or you can go even further and create separate posts of all the resources and review them. Give all the details that required and also share your experience with what you like about that and what are the pros and cons. Of that product, tool, or maybe service.

Just one point to remember while reviewing, try to entirely honest about your opinion. This will help you to gain your audience’s trust.


blog post ideas for beginners

4.Interview Post

An interview is also an excellent source of content that people love to consume. It is a very easy way to generate content. The reason behind this is that people get prospective from peers and an industry leader too. I am sure their so many people in your industry whom’s interview your audience will love to read. It will also give you authority and credibility in your audience’s eyes.


5. Frequently Asked Questions

You can create an article around on what are the most common question people asked and have in their minds. This can be either a personal question answers list or maybe what are common doubts and problems people are searching in your industry.



6.Personal Blog

You can write about a post on your personal experience on a particular topic. You can give a detailed guide on how you have achieved a specific goal. What are the problems and issues you have faced, and how you find the solution to those issues and challenges? This type of content helps your audience to know about you more helps them to connect with you on a personal level.


7.Checklist blog

For your blog, you can create a downloadable checklist or cheat sheet. This cheatsheet or checklist must be containing all the detailed list of tasks that people can refer to for all the things that they need to achieve a particular goal. You can also use this checklist for a lead magnet. You can people signup for your blog’s newsletter and gets the checklist for free.



So these are the seven blogging topics that you can write. These topics are an elementary form of content creation. Even if you are a beginner, you can still be able to generate content on these topics. Also, I would love to know if this blog post helps you in removing the content block from your mind. Then let me know in the comments section.






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