7 Easiest Ways to Make Money from Blog

Being a blogger is not a common thing in India. My friend and relatives always say to me that can you really make money by doing blogging. And I have to explain to them that yes it is a profession like any other, e.g. Doctors, engineers, corporate jobs, etc.

If You are also a blogger in India, you also must have been asked these questions. And if you not and wants to start a career in blogging or just curious to know how to make money from a blog or by doing blogging. Then this is something you must read.

Or you are thinking of choosing blogging as a career, or you have just started. You must have some questions in mind. Like if you are choosing or doing it right or not. If this won’t work for you? These are the common question we always get in the head whenever if are starting something new.

So Whenever we choose a career of ourselves, two main criteria we all check which is career growth scope and how much we can earn from. These are the common criteria both in businesses and as well as corporate jobs. We all know that India is a Developing county; it is has more scope online than most developed countries as the number of Internet users is increasing rapidly.

Now let’s talk about money-making criteria, how much money you can earn by blog writing. Let me tell you one thing if this is your primary and only motive to start a blog. Then drop this idea because blogging is a time-consuming process; you will not get any instant results. You need to put your time and effort into doing this and also require a lot of patience to see the results.

One common mistake that new bloggers do is producing content that they want to write, which no one reads. Rather than choosing a particular audience in the form of niche and solving their queries and problems. This is the right way to do blogging that shows results.

If you want to know what is a niche and how to find a profitable niche, then I have written a blog post about the exact step by step process on how you can find your profitable blogging niche.

I recommend you must have to choose a niche before starting a blog. It will make your blogging journey a lot easier than doing blogging on random topics. For now, let’s get for the actual topic of this blog, which is how to make money from blog. I have prepared a list for you mentioning the easiest ways that you can use to make money from a blog.

7 Ways to Make Money Through Blog

There are so many different ways that are available that you can use to make money from the blog, but I shortlist the easiest ways for you. And for them, you do not require a vast no. of traffic to your blog. You can start earning with a decent amount of traffic to your blog.

1. Google Display Adsense


Make money via blog through google adsense


Google Adsense is the first option that comes in mind when we think of earning money via blog. Those who are not aware of Google Adsense. It is a google product and free to integrate with your website or blog. Adsense work by matching and showing ads to your site based on your content and visitors. These are the paid ads created by advertisers who want to promote their products.

You will payed for per click basis through these ads. Whenever your blog reader clicks on any advertisement showing on your blog, you will get paid. There is nothing like a fixed price for this; it varies from niche to niche.

2. Affiliate Marketing

By Affiliate Marketing, you can start promoting other people’s products by using your blog. There many affiliate programs available in the market in which you can register, like Amazon Associates, eBay Partners, Clickbank, and many more. You can easily find these affiliate programs by simpling doing a google search. You just need to write the product name, and after that, just write the affiliate program. You will found these programs for almost every product. 

earn money by writing blog through affiliate marketing


Now you must be thinking about how this works, so let me tell you this.

  1. First, you need to find a product according to your blog niche.
  2. Find if there is an affiliate program that is available for a particular product or not.
  3. If yes, then register for the product and get an affiliate link that you need to promote.
  4. Whenever your user clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, you will get some amount as a commission.

The amount of commission varies from product to product. You can earn from 10% to up to 70% of the commission by promoting affiliate products. The right ways of doing affiliate marketing are educating your audience about the product and give your honest opinion about the product. This way, you will never lose your audience’s trust.

3. Selling E-Books


Make money from blog by selling e-books



You can start selling e-books using your blog. E-books are the new trending thing. Many People have stopped reading books and newspapers in traditional ways and are moving online for gettering that information. You can write and design your own Ebook using free tools like and canva.com and just covert all the pages into pdf formate and upload it on google drive and make available the link to those who have paid you for the book. You can write this book in any regional language and English also. Writing your book gives you a lot of authority in your niche.

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4. Selling Digital Courses


make money though Selling E-courses


Selling courses is another way you can make money. You need to create a series of videos on a particular topic on teaching exact steps they need to follow to achieve a specific goal. You can upload these videos on any learning platform like udemy and teachable. Using this way you can earn a lot of money. But this way is a bit costly as you need to pay the subscription fees for any of the platforms you used for your training. And required time and equipment to shoot these videos. Also, you need to provide after-sales services to solve their doubts and question.

5. Offer Freelance Services


Offer freelance services and earn money by blog writing

You can promote your Freelance service using your blogs. You can write about your industry problems and share strategies related to these problems in your blog. This way, you can get noticed by your potential clients, and they knew that this person has the knowledge and can help them to solve their problems.

6. Host Paid Training/ Coaching


Make money from blog with hosting paid training


You can host training for an in-demand topic in your niche. You can use Zoom software or any other meeting software for this. People who already know you and are a user of your blog we love to join your training and coaching.

7. Sell Physical Products


make money from blog by selling physical products


As I have mentioned earlier, how you can sell any digital products like e-books and courses, you can use the same way to promote physical products on your blog. 


These are 7 easiest ways you can make money from your blog. Now you also have an answer to the question that you can really make money by blog writing. I hope this blog post is helpful for you, let me know in the comment section if this helps you. 








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