Do India Businesses Need Social Media Marketing?

The social media industry is booming right now. As the number of internet users is increasing rapidly. In the last five years, the number of internet users has grown to 560 million in India, and It is estimated that till 2023, this number will increase up to 650 million users in India.

The average time a person spends on the internet is 2.4 hours per day. And it is also increasing with the increase of internet users. The reason I’m giving you these stats is that if you are a business in India and still using the traditional way of marketing, then it’s the golden period for you to take your business to Online Space. There are many ways you can go, but the most effective way of doing this is by Social Media Marketing.


Grow your business with social media

What is Social Media Marketing?

In social media marketing or SMM, you use different social media platforms to connect with your audience to Build Brand, Increase Sales, Generate Leads, and Drive Traffic to your website. Activities we do in SMM are creating and publishing engaging content on social your social platforms, listening and engaging with your audience, analyzing the results that content produces, and running ads on social media.

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Top Social Media Platforms with Most Active Users

  1. Facebook- Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users in 2020. 
  2. Instagram- Instagram has more than 1 billion active users in over 500 million users using this platform every day. 
  3. Twitter- Twitter has 330 million active users, and over 500 million tweets were sent every day. 
  4. Linkedin- Linkedin has 675 million monthly active users, and 40% of them use LinkedIn daily. 
  5. Youtube- Youtube has more than 2 billion active monthly logging users. 
  6. Pinterest- Pinterest had 367 million monthly active users worldwide. 
  7. Snapchat- Snapchat has 360 million monthly active users worldwide. 
  8. Tiktok- Tiktok has 800 million active users worldwide.

social media marketing strategy

By seeing these stats, you will now have an idea about how much power social media has, and you can utilize this power to increase your consumer base and grow your business. And if you still have some doubts than I will give some more points on why social media marketing is so important for your business and what are the benefits social media marketing has for your business.  

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing

1)Increase Brand Awareness

By executing a social media marketing strategy for your business, you can increase your business visibility. This will also increase your brand recognition, as you will be engaging with a broad audience. To get started with this, you just need to create social media profiles for your business and start interacting with others. When people start engaging with your content, it will increase your brand awareness and start building your reputation as a business


benefits of social media marketing

2)More Inbound Traffic

Without social media as a strategy, if you are running your business, this will limit your customer base. Only customers who are familiar with your company and loyal towards your brand will interact with you. But when you start utilizing your social media strategy for your business, you will start reaching a wide audience. People who are out of your circle now will start knowing about you. And this is how social media marketing will get more inbound traffic to your business.


3)High Conversion Rate

As said, people like to do business with people whom they know, like, and trust rather than with companies. When you post content in the form of images, videos, comments, and your audience start interacting with them, this will give them the humanization factor about your business. They will begin to consider your business as human. In the scenario, your conversion rate will start increasing as people will find your business be more communicable than your competition. Also, now you are engaging with a much wider audience.


Advantages of Social media marketing


Social Media Marketing is one of the most inexpensive and cost-effective than other marketing strategies. The reason why I say this because, on almost every social media platform, it is free to create a profile. There are many free tools that are also available to manage your content. So you don’t need a big staff to manage them. Even If you want to promote your business with paid advertisements on social media, it will cost you much more cheaper than other marketing tactics. Being lower in cost will increase your ROI. You can also analyze the result that paid advertisements giving you and prepare a budget to get the desired result that you were expecting.

5)Improve Brand Loyalty and Better Customer Satisfaction

When a brand or business listens to their customer about their queries, their needs, or what expectations they have from them. And provide a solution; this will improve customer satisfaction and convert them into loyal customers. Using a social media platform for communication becomes very handy for customers as well as for business.

So these are my five major points that will tell you why your business needs social media marketing. Having an online presence on these platforms can drastically improve your customer base and helps you to grow your business.

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This is the right time for you to explore the online space for your business as our countries economy is also moving towards digital. Our government is also promoting this digital era. I advise you to takes the steps first and adopt them before your competitors do. 

Also if this blog post helps you to understand social media marketing and its advantages that can have to grow your business. So let me know in the comment section.

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